Vojtěch Bruk

Visionary, enthusiast, builder

I enjoy exploring things in depth. I'm not satisfied with superficial knowledge, whether it's about websites, SEO or poker strategy. This trait helps me to keep moving forward and properly enjoy the learning process.

  • Discovering

    Constantly learning new things is one of the things I enjoy the most.

  • Application

    When you learn something, you need to use it properly.

  • Creating

    Creating is then an activity that combines the two things mentioned above perfectly. Whether it's writing, creating websites or videos.

The browser that is not recognizable is called Polypane, and if you are interested in accessibility of your site, definitely check it out.

Card from WordCamp. This year it will also be in Brno. Come!

Bullet-proof coffee set

I don’t work in radio, but I use a microphone similarly often. We have a relationship.

Kettlebell. The best exercise equipment.

  • 3

    years as a freelancer

  • 180

    articles on blog

  • 3800

    views on YouTube

a bit about me

What you didn't know about me

1. I studied psychology

In Brno at Masaryk University and for a while at Erasmus in London. I learnt a number of things that I still use today in my day job.

2. I play poker

In high school, I even considered a professional poker career. However, sitting behind a computer for thousands of hours and “battling high-stakes” would not have been the life for me. I’d miss building and contributing. Still, I consider poker one of the most beautiful and complex games ever, and you can find me at the online tables almost every Sunday.

3. I play basketball and lift weights

I don’t excel at either, which is why it’s interesting that it’s mentioned here at all

Let's stay in touch

And don't miss what I'm doing in the field right now:

  • Website builder (Bricks builder)
  • SEO, article writing
  • online business

... and gain a lot of new knowledge that you can use in your own business and creativity.

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certificates and diplomas

What I have studied

In this list you will find certificates from my individual career stops.