Article not showing up in Google – a simple tip to fix it

Is your article not showing up in Google? There could be a number of reasons for this. Maybe it’s worse than your competitors, maybe you just have a brand new domain, or maybe you just picked a keyword that’s too popular.

Often it is a combination of all of the above.

But often a simple thing will help. Which takes about 10 seconds.

Submit your article url to Google Search Console

  1. Go to the site
  2. Select your site in the console:

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How do I submit an article to the console?

Then just paste the link up in the “search box”:

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And press enter.

Request indexing

When you see that Google doesn’t know the article, click “Request indexing”. After clicking, you will have to wait about a minute or so for Google to verify that your article exists, etc. You will then see a confirmation that it is done.

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And it’s done.

Does it really work?

I tested it on my own content. ArticleHow to connect Pinterest to a WordPress website I wrote over a year ago. It was never indexed by Google, which is why it didn’t show up in searches.

Not at all. You couldn’t find the article even if you put my website name after the title.

When I sent the address to the console, the article was indexed after a week and within a few days it climbed to the 2nd place in the SERP – just behind the featured snippet (quick search engine response) of Pinterest itself:

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So I definitely highly recommend trying it. At least you won’t mess anything up.

Let me know if this advice helped you and good luck in your rankings!

Vojtech Bruk