Asana – performances and reviews (2023)

Asana is another very mature project management tool. It may even be the best known.

I’ve used Asana relatively briefly and primarily in a collaborative role (I didn’t “direct” the work in Asana in any way), so compared to other project management tools, I’m relatively unfamiliar with it.

However, I did spend some time in it and decided that Asana should definitely not be missing from the list.

Comparing Asana with the rest of the tools

Asana is one of the matadors of the project management space and as such could not be missing from the big comparison where I mentioned:

  1. Notion – perfect for individuals who prefer minimalism
  2. ClickUp – ideal for agencies
  3. Nifty – ideal for software development and specialist teams
  4. and Asanu – ideal for large teams and organizations

Score ratings and comparisons can be found in a great comparison of project tools. However, if you are interested in Asana, definitely give it a chance.

Asana video introduction

➕ Key Benefits

➖ Major drawbacks

  • More expensive than competitors for large teams
  • It takes a while to find your way around Asana
  • You’ll appreciate having someone set it up for you to start with (maybe just my feeling)

Asana price

731 oprava

Total rating

So how do I rate Asana overall?

Intuitiveness of use 80/100

Features 95/100

Price 70/100

Word by Conclusion

For me personally, Asana is not the best project management tool. However, as I mentioned, I’ve worked in it for a relatively short time and it’s quite possible that Asana will be ideal for you.

There is no question that Asana is the best option for certain projects and teams.

Despite its power, the platform is still quite intuitive and after initial training, it is easy to use.

Asana is ideal for agile project management, but also for the red thread of organization that you can weave throughout your entire company.

Let me know in the comments how you feel about Asana?

Vojtech Bruk