Best free SEO tools

If you have a website, you are interested in SEO. There are a number of great tools for SEO. However, most of them are quite expensive. Especially if you are starting out.

However, there are also free tools. And you can do a surprising amount with them.

Let’s take a look at the best ones.

Keyword analysis

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Google Ads keyword suggestion

Google Ads is an advertising platform through which you can pay to advertise on Google. However, within this platform you can use a free “Keyword Suggestion” tool which is great.

This way you can easily see what words you could use and you can also see their searchability.

A similar service is also provided by Seznam’s Sklik advertising platform.

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Sklik keyword suggestion

A detailed description of how to use Sklik to suggest keywords can be found inOfficial Help List. However, this is a fairly intuitive procedure, which I have written about here on the blog in the past.

So I highly recommend including the Sklik word suggestion option in your SEO routine.

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Marketing Miner Free Account

Marketing Miner is, in the opinion of the professionals I have had the honour to talk to, the best option for SEO analysis in the Czech wilderness.

The premium version ranks among the more expensive ones at 649 CZK / month.

However, it also offersfree version for one project, for which they will give you 1000 credits/month.

So I would definitely use this tool when analyzing keywords.

Keyword position tracking

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Serpbot is praised in the SEO community, I don’t have experience with it myself yet, so I wouldn’t put my hand in the fire for it. However, it looks promising. It’s free. So feel free to try it out and let me know how you get on with it.

You can also track 10 queries per week inmarketing miner free version.


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Ahrefs backlink checker

Ahrefs backlink checker is exactly what the name implies. It offers backlink checking, and it’s really simple.

No entering a card, creating an account, not even logging in…

You simply type in the domain you are interested in and the tool will show you its backlinks.

Site Authority

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Ahrefs website authority checker

Ahfrefs website authority checker tells you how much authority the domain has. Note that this is not the same metric as, say, Page Authority from MOZ. Ahrefs has a metric of its own that you should only compare “against”.

Technical SEO

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Screming frog sican be downloaded here. It is a technical tool that you will need primarily if you want to deal with technical SEO (even more important for e-shops).

Screamingfrog is a true OG in this field and should not be missing from your list.

This was my list of the best free SEO tools. Let me know in the comments if I forgot anything!

Vojtech Bruk