Bricks Builder Review 2023

Haven’t heard of Bricks Builder yet? That may soon change. The tool has been around since 2020, but has been getting more and more attention lately.

Basic information

What is this all about?

This is a WordPress website builder that is an alternative to Elementor, Gutenberg, Divi and others. You can learn everything you need to know in Bricks builder.

Like Divi for example, Bricks Builder is a template, not a plugin like Elementor.

This is an ambient disruption of the builder market. But is this “next builder” worth your attention?

What’s the attraction of this newcomer?

Speed. Minimalist code. A wide range of features. This is the triptych of Bricks attractions.

You can get up to speed by looking at the builder comparison on the Bricks site. First impression is great, however, until I run a test on my project, I will remain skeptical.

However, the functionality and code can be verified right away, and I must add that it looks really promising here.

At first glance, I think Bricks Builder is definitely worth your attention.

Bricks Builder Vision - preview image

Vize Bricks

Bricks builder is the young blood in the established WordPress web builder market. It wants to learn from Elementor’s mistakes and earn its place in the sun.

He is primarily based on:

  • aggressive pricing (how and if they will make the transition to a monthly license fee is a question)
  • listening to the community see roadmap (hello Elementor, which hasn’t been able to add a spreadsheet widget in 5 years)
  • community building see community forum

The creators have several challenges ahead. Not offering a free version. Unlimited “lifetime” licenses are not a business model that can be held forever, and there are already a lot of web builders out there.

Yet, in my opinion, this disruptor has a chance and can do what MailerLit has done in the world of newsletter software providers.

How much does Bricks Builder cost? - preview image
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How much is Bricks Builder worth?

The price is $79 (1921 Kč) for jone page and $199 (4840 Kč) for unlimited pages.

It can be purchased directly from the Bricks website.

Bricks does not offer any free version.

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How to test it out

You can try out the Bricksbuilder at, where after entering your email, you will receive a link to log in to a cleanly installed WordPress with Bricks.


But why even bother trying something new?

10 things Bricks can do really well - preview image

7 things Bricks does really well

1. Built-in post loop feature

While you can’t do without the Ele Custom Skin in Elementor, Bricks is ahead of the curve and you can preview posts as you like right in the main editor

2. Global styles for almost everything

Styles for almost everything can be managed globally, keeping the site consistent and easy to edit in the future

3. Working with ACF

Bricks can handle dynamic data like a champ. And for example, you can call ACF fields anywhere on the web as “short cody.”

4. Determining rights in the administration

Directly in the basic Bricks settings, you can arrange for the client to not be able to access Bricks at all. Everything will be edited from the “backend” in Gutenberg, which almost eliminates the possibility of a site crashing.

5. Gutenberg Compatibility

Bricks works great with Gutenberg blocks. Again, this will require a deeper test, but so far it seems that unlike Elementor, you can see all the content in the base Gutenberg editor, which is then also on the front-end.

6. Built-in flexbox

While people tend to complain about the flexbox in Elementor (it broke the layout on mobile for many creators, for example), the flexbox in Bricks looks polished and high quality

7. Speed

This will require a more detailed test. However, at first glance, Bricks pages are really fast.

Resources and useful links - thumbnail image

Resources and useful links

Alternatively, come chat with me and the other creators about Bricks on our Discord.

Final summary thumbnail image

Final Summary

Bricks Builder is off to a very promising start. It has a number of challenges ahead of it. However, if the developers can overcome the challenges, Bricks will definitely win over its customers.

For now, I plan to at least keep a close eye on the development, try to build a smaller project with Bricks and see…

Let me know in the comments what you think about Bricks and its future?

Vojtech Bruk