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Content hub – how to dominate search engines (2023)

Vojtěch Bruk
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High search engine rankings are valuable. That's why we are dedicated to search engine optimization to maximize our chances of ranking well. SEO tools will help you scale your efforts, however, where do you start? But do you know how valuable first positions are? According to Sistrix analysis, a full 28% of people who search…

High search engine rankings are valuable. That’s why we are dedicated to search engine optimization to maximize our chances of ranking well.

SEO tools will help you scale your efforts, however, where do you start?

But do you know how valuable first positions are?

According to Sistrix analysis, a full 28% of people who search for a given result will click on the first result in Google. The top three results then “suck up” over 50% of all searches!



Thanks to this asymmetry, it’s clear that if you can get even one position higher, it makes a big difference. And the relationship is exponential.

from position 10 to position 9 you improve by 12%

from position 3 to 2 you will improve by 42%

from 2 to 1 position you will improve even by 81%

Statistics are not to be taken literally. What is important is the principle they illustrate: getting to the top of the search engines brings exponential benefits.

However, getting to the first position is hard.

So let’s imagine a content hub tactic, which is also hard, but nevertheless realistic.

What is a content hub?

Content hub is a page where users can find all the information about one topic. It is located at the boundary between a post and a web page. Typically, a number of links lead from it to affiliated posts, and a number of posts link to it.

Are you a little confused by the definition?

If English is not a problem for you, you can watch a great video by Ahrefs:

On my site, for example, the following posts are future content hubs:

Momentarily they look mostly like articles, but in the future they will add images, videos and look more like subpages.

What is the power of content hub?

From a human perspective in making you look like the authority on the topic.From a technical standpoint in internal links. In those in particular. Since a content hub consists of a number of articles, there are a number of internal links leading to the main article (content hub), which is how you indicate to Google’s algorithm that the topic is really important.

As summarized at seerinteractive, this is the difference between classic content:632

And the scope that has become a content hub:633


As the images suggest, another big advantage of content hubs is that you can actually create them from existing content.

Often you just need to link and organize it differently.

How to create a content hub

First, you need to choose an appropriate theme. This is a theme that is neither too narrow nor too broad.

  • JavaScript interview questions for a medial position – too narrow a topic
  • IT – too broad a topic
  • How to prepare for an IT interview – just the right topic.

Once you have a main topic, you can write a main article and then a few smaller ones to tie in with the main one.

You can branch and expand the content hub incrementally. There is definitely no need to write everything at once. Expanding the hub gradually is also good in that Google will see ongoing activity on your site, which it likes.

A good way to create a hub is also to split an existing article and make parts of it into multiple articles.

Don’t forget that internal links are one of the main reasons you create a content hub in the first place.

Word in conclusion

It’s no longer enough to write a short article about a popular topic and wait to get to the top of Google. Or any at all. If it ever was, those days are irretrievably gone.

Which is good.

It’s still possible to get to the top (logically), it just takes more effort. So a kind of barrier has been created that discourages many people who find SEO too tedious and difficult.

Thanks to this, you will often face paradoxically less competition, because there just aren’t that many people creating quality content.

In addition, when you combine this advantage with innovative approaches – such as the use of content hubs – you will see that you succeed.

And probably sooner than you thought!

Let me know in the comments what you think of the hub contents?

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