How to increase website traffic (2023)

A web without traffic can be aptly compared to a store in the middle of the desert. However, if you don’t take any steps to increase it, it is highly unlikely to fall from the sky.

I’ve faced the challenge of increasing traffic several times – both on my own projects and on client projects.

Below are the 4 things that have worked best for me.

Give customers a reason to come to your website

Interesting blog. Case studies written out. Opportunity to get a discount. All of these can be meaningful reasons to draw customers to your website.

Put yourself in their shoes and ask yourself if you would go to your site if it wasn’t yours.

For example, many site owners are proud of the “company history” section, but if it wasn’t their company, they would admit that it is a completely uninteresting section.

Look at the web through the eyes of your customers.

Maximise the touchpoints/places to get to your website, Google my business, email signatures, click-throughs from friendly sites, QR code in branch, social media – and we could go on forever.

The more ways to get people to your site, the more likely someone will actually get there.

Think about and simplify the possibility of getting your site visited by using all the places and ways you can think of.

Quality Content

Quality content is for your visitors, not for you. If you embrace this and start publishing such content, you will see results.


SEO (or search engine optimization) is a set of methods that help attract visitors to your website naturally. Doing SEO at a basic level and not doing it at all is a huge difference. If you’re not doing SEO, read the three basic articles, start applying the advice in them, and expect results.


Getting visitors to your site is no easy task, but once you do, you will benefit for as long as your site exists.

Which is definitely worth it.

Let me know in the comments if you solve the traffic problem too, or – what has worked for you?

Vojtech Bruk