Http 200

Codes starting with a two indicates success.

Code 200 then directly means that everything is OK. As a visitor, you basically have no chance to see this code. However, it is useful to know it because, for example, when using various web auditing tools (Ahrefs Webmaster Tools, Collabim, etc.), code 200 is exactly what you want to see for most pages on the site.

What exactly is status code 200?

HTTP 200 is the server response status code for successful HTTP requests from a client (browser). In other words, the code says that the HTML code of the page can be successfully loaded.

For a web page, it means that its HTML code can be successfully loaded.

Why is status code 200 important?

As we already mentioned, a 200 code means that your site is easily accessible, so http 200 is important mainly so that you can monitor it and make sure that your site visitors can easily get to the most important pages.

How to find out HTTP status codes

Codes can be found using various tools such as Collabim or Ahrefs Webmaster tool, which is free.

And due to its financial simplicity, I would definitely recommend monitoring the status codes on your site regularly and intervening where necessary to fix it.

Other errata you may encounter

Error message Error 404.

Redirect http 301.

Redirect http 302.

Code http 500.

Code http 503.

Vojtech Bruk