Local SEO in an afternoon – 3 most important things

Local SEO can determine your success or failure in the search engines. This in turn can determine your success in business. So local SEO is definitely worth looking into.


Today’s article, however, is about what is the Pareto 20% that will produce 80% of the results. Plus, when you experience the quick and easy wins, you may want to put in more persistent and hard work.

And persistent and demanding work is unfortunately always needed.

Let’s do it.


Preparation is simple – write downExactly:

  • What is the name of your company
  • what are your contact details (address, telephone)
  • what industry you are in

It looks stupid, but really do it.

Search engines place great importance on keeping your data consistent and

+420 60709176070917

Brno Královo Pole, 611484Kralovo Pole, 611484

Digital servicesOnline marketing (if you’re picking an area of business from a list, it’s different, there’s obviously a related industry the best you can pick if the industry on offer isn’t the same).

1. Optimised Google my Business (GMB) profile

If you should do one thing based on this article, create a profileGoogle My Business. If you already have one, optimize it.

Your GMB profile is responsible for you appearing in sidebar searches if people search for your business name.

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In addition, you will also appear inGoogle mapsif people enter the name of your company, or a phrase such as “web designer Brno”, “locksmith”, “winery nearby” and so on.

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However, in order to show up for more general terms, your profile must already have a bit of history and be perfectly optimized.

So take care and click the exact categories your business falls into, add opening hours, ask customers for references…

Once you have filled in the profile, fill in the profile on the Czech version of GMBFirms.cz from the List.

Thus we have a foundation on which to build. However, to start showing up on Google Maps and Seznam for more general terms, you need to convince the search engines that you are truly local and really do what you claim.

How to achieve this?

2. Catalogues

You got a chill down your spine? I understand. Me too.

Catalogues have a bad reputation, and I believe deservedly so. Still, you should take advantage of them in SEO.

Our goal is not to generate any traffic from catalogues (therefore I strongly recommend to avoid paid listings and premium services – unless it is a verified catalogue, such asnavolnenoze.cz etc.).

So what do we want to achieve in the catalogues?

You want to get a network of backlinks with one goal: to convince search engines that you really do what you do.

Registration policy

  • Always provide the same (true) information everywhere – even if you can avoid spam calls
  • NEVER PAY ANYTHINGnor visibility, nor a premium profile, nor anything like that
  • Don’t put credit card details or anything like that anywhere
  • Avoid downright fraudulent sites

Which catalogues to register to



Enter CATALOG COMPANIES + CITY into the search and you will see, I recommend to select at least 10 of them.


If you just want the basics, sign up for global catalogues and don’t worry about the rest. If you’re in a competitive industry where an extra local listing can be of great value, I recommend taking advantage of the directories as much as possible.

Personally, I always aim for at least 30 entries (10 global and 20 local). However, if you choose to do this, expect a few weeks where operators will call you with more or less fraudulent offers.

But don’t worry, after 3 weeks it will be calm again.

3. Scattered “local” keywords across pages

If you want to pop up under the key phrase “tailoring Brno” both the word “tailoring” and the word “Brno” must appear within your site.

I recommend choosing 5 – 10 turnovers that are important to you. Then “scatter” them around the site.

I recommend not to overdo it, otherwise Google can (and will) penalize you for over-optimization.

These were basic tips for local SEO. If you take a hop, I believe you’ll have it out of your neck in minimalist form in an afternoon.

If local SEO is really important to you, it will take more time, but these steps will definitely not go to waste.

Good luck with your local optimization and let me know in the comments what experience you have with local SEO!

Vojtech Bruk