Need a website? 5 questions to find out

If you ask someone if you need a website, they will usually say yes. Most often for the following reasons:

  • You don’t have a website
  • You have an ugly website
  • You don’t have a website from the person you’re asking

Reality is more complicated than that, though. And I highly recommend answering the 5 questions below before you ask the people in question.

So how do you know if you need a website?

Questions that give a hint

If you pass this question funnel to at least level 4, I would start considering a new site.

Do we want a website for a reason?

P.S. Being told to have one is not a reason.

You don’t -> you don’t need the web


Can the goal we want to achieve with the web be achieved more effectively in other ways?

Yes -> you don’t need a website (yet)


Once we achieve the goal we hope to achieve from the site (e.g. new customers), can we capitalize on it (serve customers)?

No -> you don’t need a website first, rather you need to make it more expensive, expand the team, make it more efficient


Do we have a realistic idea about web design and its effectiveness?

You’ll have to ask someone in the industry or your friends who have a website.

No -> you don’t need a website


Does the web make sense, even when compared to all other investment options?

No -> you don’t need the web


It’s time to reach out to a web developer, agency, or start creating a site on your own. If you include the answers to these questions in your request for proposal, the creator will love you – and can create a much better proposal.

The same rule applies to the web as it does to outlet shopping. Even if you need the item badly, think about whether you will need it in three days or years.

These questions might help you find the answer.

Let me know how you think about web design in the comments!

Vojtech Bruk