Nifty – introductions and reviews (2023)

Nifty and I have been using it for project management for several months. Nifty is definitely one of the more comprehensive tools, which makes it well suited for project management of complex projects.

Personally, I wasn’t particularly enthusiastic about the tool, however, many people have the exact opposite opinion – Nifty even earned a 4.5/5 on G2.

Let’s take a closer look at it then.

Comparing Nifty with other tools

Nifty has won numerous awards and is definitely not a newcomer to the project management tools field. As such, it couldn’t be absent from the comparison in which I looked at:

  1. Notion – perfect for individuals who prefer minimalism
  2. ClickUp – ideal for agencies
  3. Asana – ideal for large teams and organisations
  4. and Nifty – ideal for software development and dedicated teams

Score ratings and comparisons can be found in the big project tool comparison. However, if you’re intrigued by Nifty, definitely give it a shot.

Nifty video introduction (EN)

➕ Key Benefits

  • Free version (however not for teams)
  • Ability to track time over tasks
  • Internet chat
  • Project templates and many integrations
  • Lifetime license option

➖Main disadvantages

  • Unintuitiveness
  • Doesn’t support English
  • Missing dashboards (place where you can see e.g. updates, notifications, messages)
  • Not much UI
  • Poor working with time reports
  • Opaque (but maybe I’m just spoiled by Notion )

Nifty price


So how do I rate the Nifty overall?

Overall rating

Intuitiveness of use 65/100

Features 90/100

Price 90/100

Word in conclusion

Nifty is a decent project management software with task and time management capabilities.

However, compared to the competition, I don’t find Nifty interesting. Basically, the main advantage I see is the ability to negotiate (via chat with support) a lifetime license of this software – which would prevent you from paying a monthly fee, but you would only pay a one-time higher amount for Nifty and be able to use it forever.

Let me know in the comments – how does Nifty work for you?

Vojtech Bruk