Publer review (2023)

Publer is a tool for managing and scheduling posts to social networks. I first mentioned it in a post about managing social networks, as it is the tool I use for that purpose.

If you’re already using Buffer, Hootsuite, or another social network management tool, you probably won’t be impressed with Publer. But at least you’ll see how it differs.

But if you manage all your social networks manually (and it takes a lot of time), I highly recommend you continue reading. Because Publer might be just the thing for you.

Publer price

Publer offers a relatively “generous” free plan (compared to the competition). Three different social profiles, a range of up to 10 scheduled posts, and integration with Canva, Unsplash, and more.

Then to take full advantage of the features and capabilities, you’ll pay 371 Kč per month, which is definitely a rather lower price compared to the competition.


Publisher Features

The biggest strength of Publer (and the reason to use tools like Publer in the first place) is the social network-specific features.

Personally, I invested in Publer primarily because it allows you to schedule Twitter threads even with images. It sounds like a small thing, but if it didn’t allow that (like the competition) I wouldn’t actually have much use for it.

I mean: Always look first and foremost at what a given tool can do and what it enables specifically for your network (their site will help you do this).

However, I will present the main features here at least in bullet points.

Post Scheduling

Signature tool function. Scheduling is intuitive, simple, and you can take advantage of a predefined schedule, where for example you set a post to go out every Tuesday and Thursday, then upload 1000 posts and Publer will automatically publish them every Tuesday and Thursday.

Also very interesting within the scheduling is the post customization feature (see blog), which allows you to schedule one post, but in a way that you can customize it for each social network (“more business photo on LinkedIn, funnier title on Facebook, more controversial on Twitter,” etc.).

Publer also offers recycle and repeat


However, I recommend avoiding these features, as many social networks are sensitive to reposting the same content and you can easily get banned.


Publer offers integration with a number of tools, with Canva and Unsplash (free photo library) being perhaps the most well-known and useful.

Then, thanks to these integrations, you don’t have to leave Publer at all and can use these tools to create a social media post right within it.


Publer offers several analytics. And while many social networks (maybe even all) offer their own analytics for free, the strength of Publer is that it can integrate stats from all social networks into a single insight:


Especially if you use social networks extensively, I believe you will use the analytics dashboard.


Publer has a good and updated roadmap where you can see what Publer is up to.

The most exciting feature I’m really looking forward to is the shared inbox for all social networks. In other words, you’ll be able to reply to comments and messages directly from Publer without having to go to that social network.

Supported social networks

Publer supports all known social networks:

  • Facebook,
  • LinkedIn,
  • Instagram,
  • TikTok,
  • Twitter,
  • Google business (what’s up?),
  • Pinterest (Pinterest introductions),
  • YouTube,
  • WordPress (scheduling posts to the site),
  • Telegram

With plans to add Reddit and Tumblr support in the near future.


Final Summary

➕ Key Benefits

  • Price (good free version)
  • Intuitive to use,
  • Integration (Canva, Unsplash)
  • Analytics
  • Focus on important features (good roadmap)

➖Main disadvantages

  • If you use only one network, you can get by just fine with the built-in scheduler for that network – e.g. Tweet deck and a tool like Publer won’t give you much new,
  • You will only use the tool if you use the networks really extensively, if you are just starting out with the network, maybe spending time directly on it (and understanding it) is a better option than using similar tools

So how did Publer do overall?

Overall Rating

Utility of the tool 75/100 (the more you use the network the higher the number will be, for many people/businesses I wouldn’t hesitate to suggest 98).

Function 93/100

User friendliness 90/100

Price 87/100

Overall, Publer earned: 86.25/100 and as a user, I have no reason to look for any other tool in this industry yet.

So let me know in the comments how Publer is working for you. Alternatively, how do you approach social media management?

Vojtech Bruk