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Webnode reviews (2023)

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Webnode is a web builder that does not run on WordPress, but is a custom platform. Let's take a look at what this builder can do, what it is potentially suitable for, and what it is unsuitable for. There will be practical demonstrations and plenty of screens. Ready? The Meaning of Webnode Webnode is a…

Webnode is a web builder that does not run on WordPress, but is a custom platform.

Let’s take a look at what this builder can do, what it is potentially suitable for, and what it is unsuitable for. There will be practical demonstrations and plenty of screens.


The Meaning of Webnode

Webnode is a system for small and unpretentious websites. Its main goal is simplicity. And that should be kept in mind at all times.

If you want a more complex and complicated website or e-shop, Webnode is not for you, in my opinion. Despite what it claims on the site.

The fact that the site itself is built with WordPress is telling:


However, if you want a simple site, Webnode is, as we’ll show shortly, an interesting choice.

What does Webnode look like?

Webnode is very similar in look and feel to WordPress web builders such as Elementor, Cwicly, or Bricks.

You pull tiles, fill in content, change colors… You don’t need to know how to code or program.

For a short demonstration of what Webnode looks like, you might like this video:

However, you pay for simplicity with limited functionality.

As you can see from the video, Webnode is suitable especially if you don’t have a specific design in mind, but you can make do with one of the many templates where you just change the content.

How do you create a site?

It’s very easy to start creating pages on Webnode. You go to and click on the “Create Site” option.

The button is easily visible right from the homepage:

98 vytvorit

You then register (or log in via Google) and find yourself right in the editor where you will create the site.

Choose whether you want a presentation page or a shop:


And once you’ve made your choice (in my case, pages), you’re given a choice between a number of simple, yet visually not bad templates at all, which can be divided into several categories:

98 sablona

You can then preview each template before using it.

After you have selected a template, you will be presented with a tutorial that will teach you how to use Webnode, but you can (like any tutorial) close it and go directly to the builder.


What is the Webnode editor itself?

Compared to WordPress web builders, Webnode editor is definitely simpler, which naturally has advantages and disadvantages.

You can see the basic layout here:

98 editor

Even if you’ve never created a website, you can quickly look around in the editor and, thanks to the relatively intuitive controls, you can make a lot of changes.As mentioned, editing options are limited. For “business card” purposes, they are probably sufficient, but it’s good to keep in mind that Webnode has its own specifics: for example, you can’t choose the size of the section background image, at most its position.

98 editor 2

For this, you will need to, for example, in Canva, pre-prepare all the images to the exact size you want.

Total editor rating

I find the editor quite hilarious considering the purpose, and the global customization option is nice:

98 hodnoc

The basic 17 tiles, including sections, cover about everything important:

98 dlazdice 1
98 dl 2
98 dl 3

And for simple purposes like a business card or wedding site, this is a solution worth considering in my opinion.

The big advantage is that you can publish your creation on Webnode domain for free (but search engines won’t find the site), in our case for example:

With that said, if you decide to transfer the site to a test domain – for example, you can do it in the administration with a few clicks (you can also purchase the domain directly via Webnode).

Webnode price – or how much does Webnode cost?

The price list can be found directly on the Webnode website, and currently looks like this:

98 cena

With the number of pre-built solutions and web builders, Webnode is somewhere in the middle of the peloton in terms of price, as evidenced by the comparison with other builders I compared for the purpose of creating a wedding website:

Comparison of optionsPrice of site (5 months of use)Templates in CzechWedding Template
Wix1250 Kč + 200 Kč domainSomeYes
Mioweb8000 Kč?? Not found
WebFlow2500 KčNoYes
Webnode1500 KčYesYes
Solidpixels2400 KčNoNo

Main Benefits of Webnode

  • simplicity
  • free domain
  • relatively friendly price

Appropriate use of Webnode

  • Webs that don’t need to be found in search engines
  • Simple presentation sites: business card, wedding, event…
  • Simple web site that a non-technical person wants to manage themselves

Main disadvantages of Webnode

  • far from being suitable for all purposes – including the ones it presents it is
  • difficult to impossible advanced customization
  • simplicity can be limiting for many purposes

Unsuitable use of Webnode

  • Websites that aim for the first page of Google
  • E-shops
  • Websites to be created by custome design (UX, graphics)

Word in conclusion – would I recommend Webnode?

Like many of my colleagues in the WordPress world, I get chills just hearing the word Webnode…


it’s mainly because I often see efforts to use Webnode for things it is downright inappropriate for.

As long as Webnode is used for purposes for which it is appropriate, I think it is perfectly fine and would wholeheartedly endorse such an endeavor.

If you have a budget of 500 crowns, a birthday party in two months and you want to make her a website, you probably won’t find anything better than Webnode.

However, you need to know what you want and what to expect.

A hammer is used to hammer nails, a comb is used to comb. You can try to create an e-shop with 100,000 products on Webnode, however you will end up with a combing with a hammer. Only it will cost you a few hundred thousand more…


the purpose and appropriateness of the solution is still something to keep in mind.

If I had to give Webnode, for the purposes for which it is suitable, a grade, I would happily give it 4.5/5. However, use it for any other purpose and we’ll quickly get quietly to 0.5/5…

Let me know in the comments what your experience with Webnode has been and how it has affected you?

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