Where to buy a domain?

You may already have a name for your website and have discovered that the domain you want is available. But where to buy the domain name?

My answer is: at Wedos.

This is not a paid collaboration, but I myself have used Wedos for this purpose for a long and successful time, and for this reason I can also recommend it with a calm heart.

Wedos domain purchase – how to do it?

On the wedos.cz/domains page, you can check if the domain is available and then you can click on the register button to buy the domain directly.


So you can immediately see what all other extensions are free for your domain.

I buy my English domains on namecheap.com because they are cheaper, but not by much, so if you only have one foreign domain, it might make more sense to have it on Wedos as well – it’s a bit more expensive, but you’ll be able to keep an eye on it and it won’t get dropped.

How much does a domain cost?

A domain with a .cz extension costs 175 CZK/year including VAT. Wedos offers additional services such as monitoring, insurance, etc., however, most, if not all of these additional services seem like halloween trap to me and I rather recommend avoiding them.

What do you need to do after buying a domain?

You will need to connect it to your hosting and you will probably want to install WordPress on it later.

While Wedos is great for domains, I definitely don’t recommend it for hosting. So look around for a competitor instead.

Word in conclusion

It’s not hard to buy a domain. I have had a great experience with Wedos in this regard and can recommend them with a calm heart.

Let me know in the comments what is your experience with buying domains?

Vojtech Bruk