WordPress Support – myth busting and a practical guide to WordPress troubleshooting

WordPress is a powerful content management system used by millions of people around the world. And as with any robust platform, users can occasionally run into problems. This brings us to the topic of “WordPress support,” a term that many people struggling with website issues search for.

What’s it actually like? Is there any WordPress support?

Is there WordPress support?

No, directly WordPress has no customer support. It is a so-called open source system, which means that its code is free for everyone to use. However, this brings with it the fact that if you want any support, you have to arrange it yourself.

So does this mean that if you are a web developer and you run into a WordPress problem, you are lost?

Not by a long shot!

In this article, we’ll look at a list of basic ways you can troubleshoot your WordPress problems.

It can be confusing that when you search for the term “WordPress support” you may come across a support menu from the web: https://wordpress.com/. However, WordPress.com is just a comical offshoot of the open source WordPress system with the WordPress.org website. And since you don’t pay anything to WordPresss.com (which I don’t even recommend), you won’t be able to take advantage of their support in any way.

5 tips to fix WordPress problems

WordPress is the world’s most widely used web development system, and while it doesn’t offer direct support, there are a number of ways someone can help you with WordPress.

1. Try our ChatBot

In conjunction with WordPress Care, we have developed a ChatBot that uses Chat GPT technology and is also trained on specific WordPress content to help you as efficiently as possible.

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➕ Benefits

  • certain problems can be solved immediately by the chatbot;

➖ Disadvantages

  • It’s still AI, so unless you can accurately specify the problem/are solving something very specific, the chatbot probably won’t be much help.

2. Try it on your own

If you’re creating a website yourself, you can also try to get rid of the problem that’s bothering you. You can find a number of articles and techniques on the internet to get rid of certain problems with WordPress.

The articles you will find below have helped my readers the most:

WordPress Training

If you self-manage your website and would like to expand your skills, you can sign up for WordPress training. There are several such trainings in the Czech Republic. You can find some links below:

➕ Benefits

  • doesn’t cost money directly, only your time;
  • you can start now;
  • many standard problems are often solved with the help of articles.

➖ Disadvantages

  • unless you’re a Wordpress pro, you can go somewhere you didn’t want to and make the problem worse;
  • can be frustrating;
  • not all problems have good articles.

3. Reach out to a professional WordPress help service

For those who prefer more personalized, specialized, and immediate help, there are premium WordPress support services. While these services are paid, they offer the advantage of having your problems taken care of by a professional team that works directly on the issue.

In the Czech environment, this service is offered by:

➕ Benefits

  • professional, fast and efficient help;
  • Often during the repair process, you will encounter other problems that are usually much more beneficial to prevent than to solve afterwards.

➖ Disadvantages

  • higher price.

4. Reach out to a freelancer, consultant or WordPress developer

Hiring a WordPress consultant or developer can be another effective way to troubleshoot WordPress issues. While this can be more expensive than other options, you are paying for a tailored approach. A consultant or developer can dive deep into your problem, get to the root of it, and offer a solution that perfectly suits your specific needs.

➕ Benefits

  • a number of freelancers are very handy and will help you solve the problem efficiently.

➖ Disadvantages

  • There is often a problem with time capacities.

5. Get help from the WordPress community

Community support comes from a global community of WordPress users and developers who share their experiences and solutions to common (and uncommon) problems. These communities are usually accessible and free, making them an excellent resource for beginners and those on a budget.

On Facebook, the WordPress CZ/SK group is probably the most widespread.

Support Forum

The WordPress support forums are arguably the heart of the support community. A huge number of queries are dealt with in these forums, and due to the widespread nature of the platform, you might even be surprised at how specific issues can be found in the forums.

Of course, the forums are volunteer-based, so the quality and speed of responses can vary quite a bit, but you won’t pay anything for trying).

Useful links:

➕ Benefits

  • people in the community are very helpful and happy to help you.

➖ Disadvantages

  • often you will need some WordPress knowledge to make the hints work.

WordCampy and WordPress meetups

Another good place is a WordCamp, such as WordCamp Brno, which happens relatively regularly.

And even better are the WordPress meetups that take place in:

  • Pardubice
  • Brno
  • Prague.

➕ Benefits

  • very helpful people who are happy to help.

➖ Disadvantages

  • you have to physically attend the event, which is estimated to be once a month.

6. Contact your hosting provider

Even if your hosting company doesn’t directly provide support with WordPress, it can often be helpful to email live support to see if they can advise you.

I personally use SiteGround hosting and have solved a number of even more advanced problems this way.

➕ Benefits

  • often surprisingly good advice;

➖ Disadvantages

  • unless the problem is related to the hosting (even potentially), support usually won’t tell you much.

Conclusion – just get on with it

In conclusion, although there is no dedicated “WordPress Support” service, there are a plethora of resources available to help you solve your problems.

Whether you choose to harness the power of the WordPress community or opt for premium services, remember that help is always available.

The important thing is to get going and you’ll see it work out .

Is there a particular issue that’s bothering you? Ask in the comments and if I know how, I’ll be happy to help).

Vojtech Bruk