website creation

I will create a customized website that will help you start selling more.
From the beginning of the project, I have had your customers' needs in mind. I map their specific buying behaviour and prioritize the project and the structure of the entire website accordingly. Your website will become the most convenient way for your customers to access your services.
  • Security

  • speed

  • personalised design

  • accessibility

  • GDPR

  • SEO

  • copywriting

  • web administration

Get the most out of your website

You know well that leveraging digital capabilities will help you optimize costs over time. This is also true for web design. Let’s start creating it properly and strategically from the beginning. You’ll be surprised how quickly your investment in a new website will pay off.

What you get on the new website

We’re not going to build the site to make it pretty.

Our aim will be to turn it into a “money machine”.

What will be our path

Let's connect
  1. Discovery phase

    I'll listen to your expectations for the new site and get to know your business and your customers' buying behavior better. This will help me tailor both the site content and design to them. I'll do an analysis of your competitors and a keyword analysis (to make sure you're highly searchable on Google). All of this background information will allow us to determine the goals of the new site and the overall project strategy.

  2. Rough sketch of the new website structure

    Based on the discovery phase, I will create a wireframe model of the site. It will correspond to the expected movement of visitors on the site. You will see the spatial layout of the site and the design of the texts, which will be based on keyword analysis and will be in line with the principles of on-page SEO.

  3. Preparation of documents for web design

    Provide me with graphic materials (like your logo) and send me the images you want to have on the site. We'll have fun discussing the design of the site and choose one that is consistent with your brand and helps to best communicate your message.
  4. Creation of web pages

    The final look of the site is already taking shape! Before launching, take another look at it and evaluate if it looks the way you want it to. The site isn't just about what you see in the browser window, it's also about proper security, regular backups, Cookies and GDPR, SEO and getting your web analytics up and running.

  5. Polishing and launching

    We'll incorporate your comments and it's time to launch your new site to the world. You give me the green light and the site is online in five minutes.

  6. Development and administration

    If you want your investment in your website to pay off over time and your website to continue to attract new customers, you need to maintain, develop and update your website.

approximate pricelist

Pay for what you really need

Below you will find an indicative price list of projects. If you already have something finished (texts or graphic design), or if you are requesting a smaller project, the price will probably be much lower.

Let's do it together

How do I work?

1. I listen

You know your business and your customers best. To engage your customers on the web, I also need to know them perfectly. Get ready for a colorful discussion at your first meeting. My questions will help not only me but also you to sort out your thoughts.

2. I don’t complicate

Each project has a different purpose and budget. When the situation calls for a simple website, I won’t impose a lot of extensions or gadgets. However, if I see an untapped opportunity somewhere, I always share my suggestion with you.

3. I work with professionals

Creating the perfect website requires a lot of expertise. In order to offer you a truly sophisticated and tailor-made solution, I work with specialists who take the result a few notches higher. However, I work on the website itself, so you are communicating directly with the web designer and not just with a middleman.


See what my finished projects look like

I've been fortunate to work on great projects with great people. Here you can take a look at some of them.

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Are you expecting your website to result in increased sales?

I create websites with this goal in mind. Let's do it together.