Clickup – Introductions and Reviews (2023)

ClickUp has been a dark horse in the work tools industry for the past few years. It tries to combine the best of all tools, and when taken at the right end, it’s hard to fault ClickUp.

Comparing ClickUp to the rest of the tools

Clickup is a fresh wind in the project management tools field that is definitely making a splash. As such, it couldn’t be missing from the big comparison, which included a look at:

  1. Notion – perfect for individuals who prefer minimalism
  2. Nifty – ideal for software development and dedicated teams
  3. Asanu – ideal for large teams and organizations
  4. and ClickUp – ideal for agencies.

Score ratings and comparisons can be found in the big project comparison tool. However, if you’re interested in ClickUp, definitely give it a shot.

You will probably be very pleasantly surprised.

ClickUp video performance

➕ Key Benefits

  • The ability for the team to track time directly on individual tasks (for example, a copywriter, editor, graphic designer, and developer can track time on an article), and you can see exactly how much the article “cost” – in time and money.
  • Width of features
  • Competitive price – ClickUp is one of the cheapest tools, and the free version is similarly powerful to Notion – maybe even more so

➖ Major drawbacks

  • You may feel overwhelmed with features and options at first

ClickUp price

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So how did ClickUp do overall?

Overall Rating

Intuitiveness of use 80/100

Features 97/100

Price 95/100

Word of Conclusion

ClickUp can be highly recommended. Whether for its breadth of features or its very competitive pricing.

ClickUp is great for freelancers, but it won’t be a shame even in large companies with complicated work-flows.

The only thing that can perhaps be faulted with ClickUp is the learning curve, as it will take some time to fully get to grips with the tool.

And that’s why I continue to personally use Notion in particular, which I discovered both earlier (I’m used to it) and what I like about it is its smaller number of features, but they are all the more carefully chosen.

Thanks to the generous free plan, however, I recommend at least giving ClickUp a try. The free version is broad, comprehensive, and a week of using the tool will usually tell you more than 10 reviews.

Let me know in the comments – how does ClickUp work for you?

Vojtech Bruk